Patchwork Kantha Quilt No. 014

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This one of a kind multicoloured vintage kantha quilt with rich patchwork detail, has been chosen personally by Chloe from India; ensuring the utmost in quality and authenticity. This sumptuous heavyweight vintage kantha quilt is made up of multiple layers of vintage cotton saris all delicately hand stitched together; a true testament to the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship of the past. 

This vintage quilt is the supremo snuggler, cosier than cosy this treasure deserves to be elegantly draped over your bed or sofa for the ultimate in slumber luxury. Or why not harness it's splendid quilted nature by using it as a curtain. Instantly combat the cold by clipping it onto to one of our poles; creating an effortless super stylish curtain, that is sure to keep the most formidable drafts at bay. These heavyweight Kanthas also make the best rugs, and can be machine washed too.

Our vintage kantha quilts not only exude timeless style, but they also offer unparalleled practicality as they are machine washable. Just pop them on a cool separate cycle and hang to dry. 

In every vintage textile, imperfections may be found, but we embrace them as they enhance the pieces character and serve as echoes of their rich history.


Multicoloured cotton material

Length: 224cm

Width: 143cm

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