Extra Large Suzani 012

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This exquisite hand-embroidered multicoloured vintage textile panel, has been thoughtfully chosen by Chloe from Uzbekistan. This handmade vintage Suzani is an extraordinary masterpiece that promises to breathe life and charm into any interior.

The muted colour palette and striking patterns tell a story all of their own, working well in traditional as well as more contemporary settings. Use this panel to transform a headboard or ottoman, or gracefully drape it over a sofa or bed. This magnificent Suzani is an absolute treasure perfectly combining timeless beauty and unrivalled artistry.

This Suzani has a rich history that is believed to be over 70 years old, it is in extraordinarily good condition considering it's age. However it is likely to carry endearing marks of time, such imperfections only enhance its unique character and add to it's charm. 

To effortlessly turn this Suzani into an extraordinary piece of wall art, you should consider our display poles. Alternatively we can make it into a headboard for you here


Green, Blue, Pink, Taupe, Biscuit, Beige & White embroidery on a neutral background.


Length: 195 cm

Width:  188 cm

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