This month in my series 'Decorating with Vintage Textiles' I am thrilled to share the insights of Megan Robson. Interior stylist and influencer Megan is the mastermind behind the beautiful instagram account Kit & Co. In which she share's images of her super stylish home. I am a huge fan of Megan's work and how she champions interiors brands, so I am thrilled that she has agreed to speak to me about vintage textiles. 


Firstly, what attracts you to vintage textiles?

So many things, but most of all, because they are unique. I adore hand stitched Suzanis, each so beautifully designed in eye catching colours. No two are ever the same. A fabulous way to add texture and warmth to your home.
How best to display them? 

I don't think you can go wrong! I love to use my Suzanis as bedspreads, adding an interesting finishing touch to a room, which is unique. Kanthas also add instant character to a room. The one in my son's room plays on the mix of colours in his room and pulls each element together. Draped over the back of a sofa or bed,  framed as art or used as a wall hanging. Or most recently, I have fallen in love with upholstering ottomans with Suzanis as a beautiful statement piece.

Where to start when using vintage textiles? Can they inspire a whole scheme?

I have always had a love for vintage textiles but my love for them has definitely grown over the years. I have drawn inspiration for a whole scheme, picking out colours from a Suzani to pull together the perfect colour palette. 

Unique creative ways of working with vintage textiles Suzanis & Kanthas?

Suzanis and Kanthas are so incredibly beautiful, with their intricate details. I always think they can be best enjoyed as a large wall hanging or framed as a piece of art. After all they are all  magical masterpieces in themselves!