Small Suzani 021


A one-of-a kind hand-embroidered multicoloured textile panel adorned unique floral details. This mesmerising handmade Suzani with it's subtle hues and intricate patterns, was sourced personally by Chloe from the Far East.

Perfectly versatile, it lends itself effortlessly as a captivating wall hanging, a statement headboard, or a luxurious accent for an ottoman. This vintage textile is thought to be around 20yrs old. So embrace the unique character of vintage textiles, expect to find imperfections which we believe are part of their irresistible charm.

To turn this Suzani into an extraordinary piece of wall art ready to hang, you should consider our stretching service.


White, Biscuit, Beige embroidery on a satin pink background


Length: 102cm

Width:  102cm

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