I have been lucky enough to pick the brains of interior designer/instagram extraordinaire Jonna Schreibman aka @themaximalistdreamer. With a passion for the 'more is more' theory and a dedication for always utilising vintage textiles in every project, I knew Jonna would provide us with lots of pearls of wisdom. For more inspo be sure to follow her on instagram and you'll find yourself lost in beautiful interiors right away! 

How do you go about incorporating them into your work?
In our library we have a collection of vintage textiles that we've gathered over the years. When the time comes to making soft goods, we search through our archives to see what would be the best fit and we will often fabricate pillows out of them.

How best to display them?
If the textile can stand on its own without being fabricated into something else, then you can just frame them. I've put them behind plexiglass in a contemporary shadow box or I've paired them with a vintage frame, depending on the look I'm going for. 

Where to start when using vintage textiles? Can they inspire a whole scheme?
Vintage textiles can absolutely inspire a whole scheme. In the early stages of a project, we once found gorgeous antique velvet with family crests on it. They were so stunning that we based an entire dining room scheme off them. We ended up using them to upholster the seat backs of dining chairs and it added so much richness to the room.

Unique creative ways of working with vintage textiles?
Right now I'm having a curtain panel fabricated for myself out of vintage textiles I found at a brocante shop in Provence. I found vintage trim in Los Angeles to use as the curtain ties and I'm planning to hang it in a doorway. 

Why do you love working with vintage textiles?
I just love working with vintage things, whether it's furniture, art, accessories or textiles. It adds depth and uniqueness plus I think my character comes out in my work. A well balanced room, even if it's very contemporary, should always have something old in my opinion. Whilst vintage textiles can absolutely be fussy and traditional, they don't have to be! You can use a vintage suit fabric as a band on a curtain and it would read very fresh.

Why would you recommend for others to work with vintage textiles?
I recommend using vintage textiles because you can create something beautiful that no one else will have. Not only are they beautiful but I am always happy to reuse things and reduce waste, therefore being beneficial to the environment.

What would your top 3 tips be for anyone looking to start using vintage textiles?

Keep in mind what you're going to use it for; i.e. do you need upholstery weight fabric or sheer fabric for unlined curtains. I would also pay attention to the condition because sometimes there are stains you'll need to hide. Lastly, it's good to have an idea in mind of what you are looking for when shopping but you should still stay open minded. You never know, you might find the perfect fabric and it was nothing like what you pictured.