Dear Friends,

This post marks the start of a new series…. Decorating with vintage textiles. In which I ask Interior Designers various questions about how they decorate with vintage textiles. First up we have Interior Designer Orla Read. With a wealth of industry experience Orla is the master at creating unique & timeless spaces with a focus on local craftsmanship, vintage pieces and sustainability. I’ve been fortunate to work with Orla on a few projects, her work is so inspiring. A particular favourite piece of mine is this chair:


Firstly, What attracts you to vintage textiles? 

I love the imperfections, warmth and character you get from vintage textiles. It makes them so inviting, as well as the fact you are re using. 
How do you go about incorporating them into your work? 

It all comes down to mixing and matching. Bringing vintage pieces / textiles into a space immediately makes it feel like it’s evolved naturally and adds a layer of familiarity to the space. 
How best to display them?

I love using them on sofas / armchairs / cushions / ottomans - they break things up and make the space feel like home. Mixing vintage textiles on a single piece of furniture is a favourite way to use them. 
What was the inspiration/starting point, with that chair? 

Christopher Howe is the master in mixing vintage fabrics and using them creatively on pieces of furniture. This St Bernard armchair is an oversized, family chair - one to be used by all and overloaded. We wanted it to feel cosy and inviting. We sourced the vintage fabrics on the frame and seat through Howe at 36 Bourne Street and added the vintage piece from Joss Graham around the edge of the cushion to give it a unique spin.  
Can you give us some unique & creative ways of working with Suzanis & Kanthas in our interiors?

By adding small details to the edge of seat cushions or boarders to curtains or an ottoman.