Medium Suzani 042


This exquisite handmade Suzani, carefully sourced by Chloe from Asia, boasts a captivating muted beige and brown palette that will add richness and depth to any interior.

This versatile textile panel will work brilliantly on a headboard or ottoman. Alternatively why not try draping it effortlessly over a sofa or bed, which will infuse your space with an unmistakable sense of charm.

With a history thought to span over 20 years, this Suzani will carry the unique marks of time, you may find subtle imperfections but these are to be celebrated and only enhance their character. 

To effortlessly turn this Suzani into an extraordinary piece of wall art, you should consider our display poles.


Peach, Brown, Bright Pink and Green on a neutral background background


Length: 146cm

Width:  122cm

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