When it comes to our homes , we all know that window dressings can have a huge impact on the way the room looks and feels.  They not only provide privacy and essential draught control but can transform a space from cold/clinical to warm/cosy.   However, finding stylish and budget-friendly curtains can be a challenge. In this article, I explore 10 affordable creative curtain ideas that will  enhance your living space without breaking the bank.

  1. **Using Quilts as Curtains**

Using quilts for curtains is a great idea, especially Vintage quilts as they  have a charm that can't be replicated. By repurposing a vintage quilt, you can create curtains that are not only unique but also have their own story to tell. Quilts are usually interlined so are fantastic draft excluders. I have recently had wonderful results with Indian block print quilts and vintage American patchwork quilts.  It’s a really simple concept - just attach it to the rail with curtain rings or clips for easy hanging; the options are endless.

  1. **High Street Shop Finds**

Don't underestimate the power of high street shops when it comes to affordable curtains. Many popular retailers like H&M and Anthropologie offer stylish and budget-friendly curtain options in a wide range of colors and patterns. These curtain panels can be tailored to size or installed right away.

  1. **Get Creative with Curtain Poles**

Using your imagination when it comes to curtain poles can save you a small fortune. We have used garden bamboo on brass cup hooks in projects, which looks wonderfully rustic, whilst being a very affordable option. Why not take it a step further and look to style guru Lucinda Chambers, who used fishing rods as curtain poles in her home!!

  1. **Vintage Treasures**

Antique and second-hand shops are goldmines for vintage curtains and fabrics. You can find curtains in various styles, at a fraction of the cost of new ones. I love the process of searching for vintage chintzes - well-made curtains will stand the test of time so keep your eyes peeled.  Do also bear in mind that these curtains can always be tailored to size. Whilst second hand curtains can be oh so appealing, it's crucial to be vigilant for both damage and potential moths.  Curtain dry cleaning can be more challenging and costly than you might expect.

  1. **DIY Vintage Lace Panels**

Vintage lace panels add a touch of timeless elegance to any space. Hunt for lace panels or vintage lace tablecloths at vintage  or antique shops, then cut and sew them into curtain panels for a romantic look.   The other option is to simply clip them onto a brass pole to create an ethereal light in your home.

  1. **Repurpose Tablecloths**

Tablecloths often feature intricate patterns and fine materials at a fraction of the cost of regular curtain fabrics. Transform these into curtains by sewing or simply hanging them directly with clips. I have used tablecloths as curtains and blinds in clients and my own home to great effect. The result is a unique and eye-catching window treatment.

  1. **Mismatched Curtains for an Eclectic Vibe**

Of course we love to mix it up! Mixing and matching kantha blankets for a window treatment will create an eclectic and charming atmosphere. We used this hack to great results in our Keepers Cottage  project recently. An option that wins on the style stakes and budget too.

  1. **Choose your fabric wisely**

If you have a large window, choose a plain or ticking fabric that will easily cover the space, whilst keeping the costs down.  Fabric choice goes a long way if you are on a budget - plain or ticking fabric means you avoid those pesky pattern repeats with large wastage. I love using corduroy, which you can pick up from as little as £10/m - they are excellent insulators and natural blackout curtains so you can often avoid expensive linings and interlinings. Likewise you can pick up ticking at great prices if you hustle the internet, ticking fabrics remain classic as ever plus will stand the test of time.

  1. **DIY Swedish blinds**

For the sewers out there… why not try your hand at roll up blinds also known as Swedish blinds.  All you need are a few  pieces of material, ribbon & velcro, all assembled with a whiz on the machine et voila: you’ll have yourself a stylish cost effective blind in no time at all.

  1. **Blanket me up**

I know I know, I’ve mentioned quilts before but I can’t leave a woollen blanket in the corner. Why not seek out a delicious welsh blanket and simply clip it to the curtain pole of your choice.  Before you know it, you have a simple, cosy and cost effective curtain solution. Be gone pesky drafts!

I hope this has inspired you to think outside-the-box, let your imagination run wild. Please tag me on instagram with any snazzy curtain ideas you come by. Go and  get creative with your curtains, they really don’t have to cost the world. You really can create something functional, stylish and totally unique for your home for very little.

C x